Getting your set-up correct

Golf Fundamentals

Fundamentals Amateurs often focus on their swing and they overlook their fundamentals. Many Golfers struggle to get in a proper golf set up position. In order to have a fundamentaly sound golf swing, it is essential that you have a great set up position. Below you will see three simple steps to get into an athletic set up position. 3 steps Start off with your feet. Your feet should be shoulder width apart. Your right foot should be straight and your left foot should be open. Stand tall with your chest out and your back straight Step 1. Bend forward from your hips. Your butt should stick out and your back should be straight (don’t slouch). At this point, your legs should still be straight. Step 2. Shift your weight from your heels to the balls of your feet. Then move your knees forward so you have a slight knee bend.
At this point, your butt should be sticking out, you should be bending from your hips, your back should be straight, your knees should be bent and your weight should be on the balls of your feet. Step 3. Let your arms hang naturally.Your hands should hang directly below your shoulders. Grip the club from this position. If you do these three steps, you will be in an athletic set up position. This is a vital part to having great fundamentals. Practice this in front of a mirror for five minutes a day and I guarantee your set up will improve! About the Instructor Brian Joseph PGA Brian Joseph is head instructor at Cool Clubs Japan. If you are interested in learning from a PGA professional, feel free to visit for more information.