Rooibos Tea Special Offer from Royal T - Rooibos as a sports drink

Royal T - Rooibos Sports drink for Golfers

Royal-T is an organic Rooibos Tea from South Africa, and they want the members of GCJ to know that rooibos tea is a natural and more effective sports drink than commercial sports drinks (and better recovery and protection for livers). They've offered a special Amazon promo code for Golf Club Japan to get free shipping on Royal T from Amazon Japan on the following link:

Golf Club Japan offer for Royal Rooibos Tea on Amazon

It's valid until December 31st.
It has to be through the link above or the promo code might not work.

Their article to back up their view about Rooibos as a sports drink is on their brand website here in Japanese.
But they've also provided an English version of 'Rooibos tea as a sports performance driver.