06th (Sun) Dec 2015

Rooibos Tea as a sports performance driver

Royal Rooibos Tea for Sports
Recently the people at Royal T wanted us to know that Rooibos tea is an effective upgrade to commercial sports drink. Their original article is here ルイボスティーは天然のスポーツドリンク in Japanese . However to understand the article they've provided this English version.... -------- Rooibos Tea the Natural Sports...
06th (Sun) Dec 2015

Rooibos Tea Special Offer from Royal T - Rooibos as a sports drink

Royal T - Rooibos Sports drink for Golfers
Royal-T is an organic Rooibos Tea from South Africa, and they want the members of GCJ to know that rooibos tea is a natural and more effective sports drink than commercial sports drinks (and better recovery and protection for livers). They've offered a special Amazon promo code for Golf Club Japan...