28th (Sun) Jun 2015


UPDATE: SORRY GUYS, DROPBOX IS NOT HAPPY WITH THE LARGE AMOUNT OF DOWNLOADS SO I HAD TO REMOVE THE LINK. MESSAGE ME AT [email protected]rain-interactive.com TO GET A PRIVATE LINK TO YOUR IMAGES. PAUL Hi TBAGS-ers! They are zipped into the groups you were in: Group 1: Ferguson, Takeshina, Fernandes, Phillips...
20th (Sat) Jun 2015

Tokyo Beer & Golf Society

Hello Fellow Beer & Golf Lovers ! By all accounts, the Inaugural medal was a resounding success ! Thank you very much to all 28 players (7 flights) who made the effort to get up ridiculously early on a Sunday and particularly Stephen Kampa for bringing a cooler and fresh supply of German &...
06th (Sun) Dec 2015

Rooibos Tea as a sports performance driver

Royal Rooibos Tea for Sports
Recently the people at Royal T wanted us to know that Rooibos tea is an effective upgrade to commercial sports drink. Their original article is here ルイボスティーは天然のスポーツドリンク in Japanese . However to understand the article they've provided this English version.... -------- Rooibos Tea the Natural Sports...
06th (Sun) Dec 2015

Rooibos Tea Special Offer from Royal T - Rooibos as a sports drink

Royal T - Rooibos Sports drink for Golfers
Royal-T is an organic Rooibos Tea from South Africa, and they want the members of GCJ to know that rooibos tea is a natural and more effective sports drink than commercial sports drinks (and better recovery and protection for livers). They've offered a special Amazon promo code for Golf Club Japan...
23rd (Thu) Apr 2015

GCJ News and Events now pushed to Facebook and Twitter

Golf Club Japan Twitter and Facebook Feeds
To help members keep up to date with GCJ events and other happenings, we're automatically pushing Events and News up to Golf Club Japan social platforms on Twitter and Facebook. That way you can get your GCJ events and information out and receive it in the different ways people like it. So if you...
26th (Mon) Jan 2015

Welcome to our new face!

Golf Balls?
To all our Golf Club Japan members, happy new year 2015 and welcome to a new and improved GCJ site. This is the second version of the site which debued April 2014. There are many improvements including a stylish new interface that works equally as well on mobile as on regular pcs. We have revamped...
21st (Wed) Jan 2015

Refreshed GJC Site

New GCJ Site
We first launched GCJ back in April 2014 and have upgraded to the current site as of February 2015. Moving forward, we hope to add functionality that will help the community grow and thrive.
22nd (Mon) Sep 2014

Getting your set-up correct

Golf Fundamentals
Fundamentals Amateurs often focus on their swing and they overlook their fundamentals. Many Golfers struggle to get in a proper golf set up position. In order to have a fundamentaly sound golf swing, it is essential that you have a great set up position. Below you will see three simple steps to get...