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Favorite drinks

Since the golfing season is here I thought I would post up my popular concoction, the Paloma. It tastes great, is simple to make, and will leave you baked. 



First, the recipe. 

(1) A 750ml bottle of your favorite Silver Tequila.

(2) Three 1L bottles of Forida's Natural Ruby Red grapefruit juice. 

(3) One or two 125ml bottles of Polenghi Lemondor Caribbean Lime juice. 

(4) Salt




(1) Empty 270ml of the grapefruit juice from each bottle and set aside for breakfast or some other crap. 

(2) Add 250ml of tequila to each grapefruit juice bottle. 

(3) Add 40ml of lime juice (1/3 of a bottle) to each grapefruit juce bottle. 

(4) Add 4-8 pinches of salt. 



Chill the grapefruit juice and tequila before mixing as there wont be room for ice in the bottle.

Florida's Natural Ruby Red grapefruit juice can be bought at Shinagawa station Queen's Isetan or Kinokuniya (Takanawa exit).

Polenghi Lemondor Caribbean Lime juice can be bought at Kaldi. 

Adding 60ml of lime juice instead of 40ml will make you pucker and shave 4 strokes off your round.