TBAGS Summer tour: 2-Day Golf extravaganza!

Saturday 15th August ~ Sunday 16th August
06:00 ~ 21:00

Hello Fellow Beer & Golf Lovers in Tokyo !
Summer is coming up quick so get ready for something excellent ;-)
Aug 15th - 16th 2015
TBAGS Summer tour:  2-Day Golf extravaganza!
Tsutsujigaika CC & Murasakizuka GC , Tochigi prefecture

All incl. price includes:
- Bus from Tokyo on day one
- 18 holes of Golf @ Tsutsujigaoka CC
- Lunch
- Bus to the second club; Murasakizuka GC
- Outdoor/poolside party with buffet /open bar
- Hotel 
- Breakfast
- 18 holes
- Lunch
- Awards ceremony
- Shinkansen ticket back to Tokyo
All in cost of ¥49,300 (*Prepayment required by July 31st;)
Limited to 20 players/5 flights for the two-day package  - So far signed up :

Andy MacKinlay
Kieron Cashell
Tony Moore
Jacky Scanlan-Dyas
Nic Scanlan-Dyas
Paul Braganza

First come first served... I'm sending this out to everyone who played in the last medal first as you fantastic people certainly deserve priority !

Then, will send out to others / make FB event page next week .
Let me know soon if you want on the list !
Look at the photos... Ahhhhh paradise ;-)

Registration is closed