Monday 20th July
06:50 ~ 21:00
  • TBAGS’ “Hot! Hot! Hot!” Medal – Monday 20th July 2015

    DAIATSUGI COUNTRY CLUB HON COURSE, 4088 Kamiogino, Atsugi, Kanagawa Prefecture 243-0201

    How to get through the day:

  • Please put your name on your golf bag. (And maybe post it beforehand if possible)

  • Train Odakyu Line - Shinjuku Station 7:21am, Yoyogi Uehara 7:26am, 

    Shimokitazawa 7:29am – Meet at the very back of the train – last carriage !

  • Upon arrival at Hon Atsugi Station at 8:15am follow the “crowds” out of the North 

    Exit to the bus stop for the 8:30am bus – map here !

  • 大厚木カントリークラブ 本コース, 〒243-0201 神奈川県厚木市上荻野 4088

    Phone:046-241-3131 Web : https://reserve.accordiagolf.com/golfLinkCourseDetail/?gid=038

  • Once arrived at the club, please check in at the front desk and get a locker key. 

  • Asoh-San has secured a presentation room for the after party with food/drinks at a 

    discount – so he will be in the lobby collecting a kitty– JPY1500 cash each

  • Get changed and we will have a group photo just outside the clubhouse around 

    9:15am - If you want to warm up, please head to the practice range / green AFTER

    the photo. (You might need to get a token from the Caddie Master)

  • Please be at your appropriate tee 5 minutes before your tee-off time. 

    (see next page for “Flight” details.)

  • We stop for Lunch after 9-holes. After you finish 18 holes, please hand in ONE 

    SCORECARD per flight. Please add up the stableford points !!!!! Also please report 

    gross score for BI “beer intake” handicap adjustment next time.

  • The players who finish first, take your time, enjoy a bath and relax. Those in the 

second half, hurry up!

  • Please make sure to settle your green fees bill with the reception !!
  • If you won’t attend the next Medal, please give back the prizes before you depart !

Basic Rules :

  • Play in turn but “ready” golf is also acceptable - especially if your playing partner 

has headed off to the toilet / buying beer / passed out from heatstroke / etc

  • The competition is “Stableford” scoring based on your net score on each hole -

Eagle =4, Birdie =3, Par =2, Bogey =1 point ... (More details on next page)

  • Men will play from White Tee Markers and Ladies will play from Red Tee Markers
  • Please let me know your handicap / gross score from last medal if you haven’t 

already. In case of a tied score, the player with the lower handicap wins. If both 

handicaps are equal, it is decided on age (oldest wins and no lying!)

  • There is placing on the fairways of 6 inches (Not the rough). Putts that lie within 6 

inches (one putter grip) are “gimmes”.

  • If your net score is double-bogey or over for that hole, you cannot score any points 

so feel free to pick-up your ball if you like (nice to keep things moving along ;-))

  • Also, PLEASE do not mark your card on the green – WALK quickly off after 

replacing the pin – save the arguing and fighting for the next tee box ;-))


Play well, drive safely, no cheating but most importantly 

!!!! HAVE FUN !!!!


EAST (10:15)

  • Billy Ramsay
  • James Pounder
  • Martin Phillips
  • Tamas Spencer

EAST (10:22)

  • Yasuo Asoh
  • Andy MacKinlay
  • Mikio Kudo
  • Jason Gans

EAST (10:29)

  • Tom Cocks
  • Miho Ishizaka
  • Neil Howard
  • Ben Bowman

EAST (10:36) 

  • Steve Kampa
  • Stanistav Filin
  • Kenji Koyama

EAST (10:42)

  • Paul Braganza
  • Steve Novosel
  • Alastair MacDonald

EAST (10:48)

  • Christian Hurquin
  • Asi Rinestine
  • Jerry Brady 
  • Yasu Iwatani

TOKYO BEER & GOLF SOCIETY. Established 2015

For those in Tokyo who love golf, always want to play, never play as often as they want...but not impartial to a beer (or two) !!!

Scoring System – “Stableford.” The Stableford system was developed to deter golfers from giving up on their round after just one or two bad 

holes. It involves scoring points based on the number of strokes taken at each hole - the aim is to have the 

highest score. The number of points awarded on each hole is determined based on the player's "net" score 

on each hole : 

Net Score Points awarded:

  • -3 5 
  • -2 4 
  • -1 3 
  • PAR 2 
  • 1+ 1 
  • 2+ 0 (pick-up ball) 

The net score is calculated in relation to the player's handicap. For example:

  • If you have a handicap of 18, your actual score on each hole will be reduced by 1 shot.
  • If you have a handicap of 27, your score on the nine hardest holes (rated 1-9) will be reduced by 2 
  • shots and your score on nine easiest holes (rated 10-18) will be reduced by 1 shot.
  • Once a player has a net score of two over par on that hole, they can feel free to pick up their ball as it is then 

not possible to score any points on that hole.  They can dust themselves off and then resume play on the next hole.

  • At the end of the round, the number of points is totalled to give a final score.
  • The winner of a Stableford competition is the player with the highest point total. 

Remember: Monday 20th July 2015

Shinjuku Station 7:21am // Yoyogi Uehara 7:26am // Shimokitazawa 7:29am


Registration is closed