The Mini-Sakura Cup: Manago CC

Sunday 12th April

I've booked a few tee times for Manago CC in Tochigi-ken for 12 April.  The weather should be nice and spring-like then, and hopefully we can see some nice color.


The tee times are at 9:34, 9:41, 9:48, and 9:55.  Cost is 11,800 including lunch, which is a steal in April.


The course is easy to access by either train or car.  There is a club bus at 8:50 from Shin Tochigi station on the Tobu line, only about 1 hour from Kita-Senju, so quite convenient.


EDIT: I added an extra tee time, so now we have room for 16 people!



Here's what I put together for tomorrow.  Please let me know if you have any requests for groupings, this can still be adjusted.


Steve Novosel

John Evans

Tom Moore



Paul Braganza

Stephane Beaulieu

Ben Palmer



Peter Gaydon

Alastair Macdonald

Jack Snell

Jason Pegg



Hilmar Thorlindsson

Chris Hurquin

Greg Mettam

Stephen Anthony

Registration is closed