Listening Golf Coaching

Listening Golf Coaching, Kinki area 10/20 - 11/8
Thursday 22nd October ~ Sunday 8th November
07:00 ~ 08:00


I'm Simon, golf coach from Denmark.

Currently I am developing a new style of teaching golf... Listening Golf Coaching (LGC).
I would like to use, and perhaps develope LGC when I'm visiting Japan this fall. I'm staying in the Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo and Nagoya region.

In that perspective, I need some interested golf players living or staying in Japan, somewhere between October 22nd and November 10th.
I speak English and Danish, and I am learning Japanese...

We can work on anything You want!

My fee for 1 hour: 3500 yen.

I'm interested in all levels of players. Beginners, intermediate, good...

Please make an appointment as soon as possible, if You are interested.

Kind regards
Simon Wada Klaris
The Golf Engineer
Tullamore Golf Club, Denmark
[email protected]

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