About Golf Club Japan


Golf Club Japan was born in April 2014 from a community of foreign and Japanese golfers who frequently played together in and around the Tokyo area. The initial GCJ website was quickly cobbled together after the community’s previous site was taken down rather suddenly in late March 2014 leaving the group with no place to organize rounds or share stories. So while GCJ is not the first golf site catering to foreigners in Japan, it is the first to be fully mobile friendly and free. In 2015 the GCJ site was renewed with better navigation and functionality.


Going Forward

In 1903 British merchant Arthur Groom expanded his small private 4-hole course in Kobe to 9 holes making it the first golf course in Japan. Since then, foreign golfers have played a large role in growing the sport in Japan. All the great designers and golfers have made some impression here. And now, with so many golf courses to choose from in Japan it is not a stretch to say golfers here are spoiled for choice. From the beautiful mountainous courses in Hokkaido to the tropical beauties in Okinawa Japan is a paradise for serious and casual golfers alike. So one goal is to expand the reach of GCJ from the Kanto area to everywhere across Japan.

With golf being such a great cultural bridge is it only natural that Japanese members also form a serious part of the core membership. And this is another aim of the club: to bring Japanese and foreign golfers closer together.


Open Membership

Given that increasing membership is paramount to the goals of the club, Golf Club Japan will keep membership free, based on the principle that every golfer should have an opportunity to share their experiences and create events. As long as membership are as civilised as the spirit of the game itself, GCJ accepts anyone and everyone.



We have an open policy towards advertising as long as it is beneficial to golfing and golfers. So we encourage sponsors to help grow golf knowledge by supporting our professional writers or funding tournaments or events.



Members can post in forums and share pictures and ideas. However, we will also feature professionals who will add tips and op eds.